This is my first post about a day of celebration, and it seems fitting that it would be about Mabon. This will be both an informative and introspective post, as many of them will be that center around sabbats and celebrations. Astrologically, Mabon is the Autumn Equinox, the first day of Autumn. The day is balanced, half day half night, and we are preparing for the end of the year. As Wiccans, we celebrate the Goddess as she ages from Mother to Crone and the God as he prepares for death and re-birth. This is a day to draw family close and celebrate the harvest and tie up loose ends as we prepare for a period of rest, relaxation, and reflection. This is a time to enjoy the fruits of our labour and give thanks for the bounty that will sustain us throughout the winter. Some common workings at Mabon include prosperity, security, and balance, and we adorn ourselves and our homes with the colours of Autumn, apples, pomegranates, nuts, and breads. At Mabon we give offerings to the land in thanks for the harvest, dry herbs and vegetables for use during the cold season, and make wine (or mead for us mazers). The children make corn and apple dolls and help with baking breads. As a parent, this is often the time when we start planning indoor activities, as the time for hours spent in the park and yard is coming to a close. I can generally feel the changing of the seasons about a week before the wheel officially turns no matter where in the country I reside. Being a native of Northern California, my sense of the seasons has always relied on intuition since San Francisco has a slightly different seasonal schedule than the traditional wheel has. The air smells, feels, and moves differently, and I always start to grow more introspective. For me, Mabon is a time to be thankful for friends, family, and all the blessings they bring to my life, and this year is even more special. One year ago was the first celebration Hubby and I spent with our current coven. Without this new family in my life the last year would have seemed insurmountable. No matter how hard the year’s path has been I have always had tight-knit support system to make sure I knew I was not walking it alone. Too often we are quick to reflect on the negative memories of our past, but this Mabon I am taking the time to remember the special times, learn from the trying times, and let go of the times that were just there to challenge me. Last year I was advised to plant my seeds in the winter instead of the spring and see what sprouted. Somehow I feel, and Hubby has mentioned as much, that the messages we received last year may be more appropriate this coming winter. We both have various irons in the fire, both individually and together, and this winter may be the time to actively pursue those irons and see which ones progress. The ritual we participated in last weekend told me I had too much on my plate. Maybe this is the time to see what really does not need to be there and what will be most beneficial to keep. This weekend, dear readers, is Mabon. If it moves you, take the time to pull your family close, however you define family, and think for a moment about what you have worked for and what you are thankful to have been blessed with in the last year. Above all, know you are blessed and loved. Brightest Blessings and a Glowing Mabon!