I have always been a healer and a nurturer.  As a child I had a small army of orphaned baby dolls I had taken under my wing.  In my teenage years I realized my love of working with children in care homes and those with special needs, and from that point it was a goal of mine to make my life about healing and enriching the lives of those who are often unseen in our society.  In all these aspects I was guided internally to touch and sooth.  An ex-boyfriend of mine used to call them “magick hands”.

A few years ago I realized my role as a healer on the path and a talent for helping people heal themselves.  Not long after Hubby and I started working with the coven we are now a part of I took on a very personal relationship with the goddess Brighid, particularly as healer though I relate to her also as poet, warrior, and craftswoman.  She has guided me in healing and soothing the bodies, minds, and hearts of people who find themselves opening up to me without knowing why, and I turn to her when I feel too weak to fulfill my role.

Last year I began to pursue what I felt needed to be my next step.  A former girlfriend and good friend of mine had been a Reiki practitioner for several years, and through her I came to understand its universal benefit.  After several attempts I found a Master who fit me and my needs, and this past Sunday I was formally taught and quite beautifully ceremoniously attuned.  Krissy was an amazing teacher and has done a great job of following up with her students and keeping in touch with them regularly.  I do not know when I will be able to attend one of her Reiki shares or continuation classes, but I look forward to continuing to learn from her and her other students.  This is a big step for me.  It is a chance to continue my education and to grow as a healer.  It helps me understand myself and my body, and I fully intend to pursue a Master level so I can extend this opportunity to grow and change th world with others.

The main thing I love about Reiki is its universal application.  One does not have to be Pagan or even extremely spiritual for it to work.  One has only to be open to the energy and the possibilities of being well.  This, to me, is the beauty of Reiki.  To some people it is a highly spiritual experience.  To others it is more like a massage or a workout.  Whether or not the receiver knows what or where a chakra is or what the colours and bells and whistles represent, she can still have a wonderful experience.  In my opinion, that is what life is all about, experiences.

I’ve linked Krissy’s site if any of you dear readers have questions or would like to know more about Reiki.  If you can get to Delaware for her classes, I highly recommend it.  Otherwise, if this is something you would like to pursue, and it is something you are meant to do, the right Master will come to you.

Now, go make a new experience today!