I’ve been mostly unplugged for almost two weeks, though not entirely by choice.

Hubby has been slightly incapacitated due to a broken hand, sprained knee, and a car that has ceased to be, so it has fallen upon me to nurse him back to life.  Anyone who has ever had a hurt mate knows how suddenly helpless and, what’s the word…oh yes, GRUMPY he can become.

Additionally, Emmy is no longer with us.  She has remained, so far, as a friend, and I hope we can continue to remain so.  As I said during my poly series, triads and polyamorous relationships are just like any other relationship; things happen.

As we experienced last year, we have a new cat.  I came home one night from Target to find a young black and white cat on our porch.  She was extremely loving, and as soon as Hubby opened the door she ran inside.  We did not want to put her back out in the cold, so I bathed and Frontlined her before we fed her and decided to keep her at least until we can find her a home.  It seems this is a new Yule tradition, although Rhiannon’s story involves our car and ice cream, and one that has hubby a little nervous.  He is determined that we not become the crazy cat couple.  She barely makes a sound, has really only had one accident, and has thus far avoided contact with Rhiannon and Mowgli.

In any case, this is me…officially replugged.  Though the holidays will be a bit hectic, I am hoping to get at least a quick Yule article up before the New Year.  Let us hope, my dear friends, that this marks a year of change.  We all need it.