They seem incredibly simple. Blue plastic balls with little nubs inspire a plethora of opinions. How could they work? How could they not work? Hubby bought me a pair of blue (dryer) balls just before Thanksgiving. While our washing machine harbours no chemicals or unnatural ingredients, we were still using dryer sheets. To try and cut down on cost and waste, and knowing how even the most mild chemicals in dryer sheets make my skin itch, I skeptically agreed to try them. Would they stretch out my knits? Would they get stuck in my towels? I had all sorts of ideas about how this could end in frustration. Since then I have not noticed huge difference in the state of my dried clothes. The only problem I have encountered was static cling, but that was in a tablecloth I was too impatient to hang dry in the laundry room. I take full fault for that one, but it does bring up the fact that if you tend to own clothes susceptible to static cling you may need a Plan B. I am quite pleased overall, and have not yet had to free the balls from anything more confining than a towel or bedspread.