Yesterday I regaled you with the tale of the mulberries, but that was only the first half of our day of harvest.  We hadn’t initially intended to work in the garden.  Hubby wanted to beat the sunset and get some work done on the forge he’s building, but when we stepped back to the garden as we do once or twice a day to check its progress it seemed to have grown ten feet overnight!

I started with the spinach, some of which I’m a little disappointed to see already trying to flower.  With only half of our plants touched I already had four gallon sized bags full of leaf spinach.  That took most of the afternoon, but I still had time to clip enough sage for three bundles and large bunches of both bergamot and basil.  By the time i was done there was no more counter space.  we also spotted several ripening peppers and a handful of green tomatoes.  Our garden is in full production mode, and it’s gone into overdrive!

Before we planted we conditioned the soil, as it was a thick clay.  No one had ever had any luck growing anything but weeds.  After conditioning and planting I set up a fairly simple but strong crystal grid using moss agates, black and white moon stone, citrine, quartz, bloodstone, and sodalite adapted from the one we had set up in our last yard.  I have to admit I’m getting rather effective with these grids, especially in combination with the Reiki and energy work I’ve been developing.  I can’t wait to see the rest of the season’s yield.  It’s not even summer yet!