Operating a sustainable, natural, DIY household is time-consuming and energy draining at times.  The reward is well worth it, but we can not afford for me to be a housewife full-time.  Any time or personal energy-saving tips I can gather are always appreciated and utilized to the fullest.  I have decided to pass them along to you, my friends, in snippets called Quick Tips.  Enjoy.

I read a wonderful tip in a magazine, I believe it was Real Simple,  and had one of those “why the hell didn’t I think of this sooner?” moments.  They wrote about keeping socks together by  clipping them together with a clothespin when you wash them  Amazing!  This, at least for me, serves several purposes.

1. I simply hate matching socks.  Problem solved.

2.  Hubby is extremely picky, almost obsessive, about his socks being with an exact matching sock.  He tests for colour, thickness, and type before he puts on a pair of socks to make sure they’re properly matched.  This is why it takes me as long as it does to put the socks together!  Hence, I simply hate matching socks.

3.  I have them together, and I already have the clothespins, to hang them on the line.  There’s a saved step right there.

4.  If one sock decides to disappear to hosiery Narnia its mate is forced to go with it.  I’m curious to see how this will affect the number of missing socks we have every year.  I’m guessing millions.

So there you have it, my Quick Tip for the day.  It’s been a rough couple weeks training Hubby to make sure his socks stay together when he jettisons them from his feet at the end of the day, but we’re all adjusting.  I will never have to spend a half an hour matching socks again!