Lammas is the first of the harvest festivals.  Literally, our house has been full of tomatoes, cabbage, beets, spinach, broccoli, cauliflower, peppers, and an assortment of herbs.  Yesterday we welcomed the addition of a food processor into our home.  Then we spent hours canning tomato sauce and pickling sweet peppers.  By the end of the day I had much earned my reward of Friendly’s and a  movie from the Redbox.

The harvest from our lives has been much greater, yet maybe a little more below the surface.  In our day-to-day lives we’ve reaped quite a bit this season.  We started the year off by uprooting ourselves and moving in with Hubby’s grandfather in order to pay off our debts and start saving to start over in a year or so with a clean slate.  We had a lot of issues as a couple that needed smoothing, and I was just starting to improve my health with a reduced casein/gluten diet.  We threw a lot of seeds at once, and hoped at least a majority of then stuck.  Luckily, we threw them to fertile soil.  Through lots of hard work and determination we settled into a new routine that made sure we were both employed.  I was able to keep my job in Philadelphia with some help from friends and a little perseverance and sacrifice.  I’m working full-time with an illness that still has no name thanks to a staunch vitamin regiment, and we are working towards paying off all our debt.  As a couple we are stronger than we were a year ago.  We have pulled together to reach our goals, and we are making it happen.  With all this progress has come new ways of dealing with  challenges, the addition of new people in our lives, and the beginning of our household’s foundations.

In our magickal lives we’re reaped a whole library of new knowledge from seeds we never knew we planted.  My Reiki and chakra work continues to intensify, as does my interest in Hawaiian magick.  I’ve overcome obstacles and faces fears.  I’ve acquired self-esteem and confidence in my abilities in all areas of life.  Hubby is devouring books like they’re made of chocolate, and has not only finished a fully functional forge but has also started several other important endeavors.

Today I consider myself extremely grateful for what has come to us in the past few months, and I continually  give thanks for the people in my heart, for they are the true blessings I have been given.  They really are a fantastic and unbelievable group, and I can’t think of anyone else I’d rather have around my table.  The garden of our life is flourishing and vibrant.  It still has a few weeds to dig out, and a few of our seeds have yet to bear fruit, but this is only the first of the harvest festivals.  We still have half a season ahead of us, and I can’t wait to see what Mabon and Sammhain will bring.

Go, now.  Give thanks for your harvest!