A lot of auspicious events happened this year on or around my birthday, and I feel happy to have shared my day.  The first thing was Dairy Queen donating $1 for every Blizzard bought on my birthday to the local Children’s Miracle Network.  I happily did my part and got off the bus at the nearest DQ for my birthday Blizzard, and decided on chocolate chip cookie dough.  It was rough, but it was for the kids, I assure you.

The second bit of news to reach me via social media was that Prop 8 has officially been overturned as unconstitutional.  I know we still have a way to go on this issue, but what a happy day for hope.  I may already have my legal spouse, and he may be of the opposite gender, but what if he hadn’t been.  What if he were female?  As a bisexual these are issues that do come to light.  I can’t imagine not being able to marry the person I’ve chosen to give my life to because of her gender.

The opposition will talk about sex, but this is not about sex.  It’s about family.  It’s about love.  It’s about the right to live one’s life and be left alone.  It’s about having the right to be with one’s soul mate at his deathbed.  It’s about raising children together as a family unit.  It’s about being spiritually as well as legally united as partners and treated as such.  I know there will still be a lot of legal back and forth on this issue, but I’d like to extend a heartfelt “thank you” for those who have helped thus far and an uplifting “huzzah!” to my LGBT friends and family out there.

The third thing I noticed was myself being more polite and helpful.  Maybe I was just in a good mood, but it felt great making other people smile all day.  Perhaps I was giving a birthday present to my soul.  Maybe my birthday gives me a little Karma boost.  I don’t really understand it, but it made me glow from the inside.  Every time I held a door open or helped a young mom struggling with her groceries get them to  her car I felt like dancing.  I’m not trying to boast.  I’m really just trying to express to you all how heartwarming it can be to just do it without wondering whether or not it will be appreciated.  Give it a try.  Your spirit will thank you.

I could not have asked for a better birthday.  The amount of calls, texts, emails, and Facebook wall posts (oh, how would we know whose birthday it was without Facebook to remind us?) I received was overwhelming.  Hubby surprised me with cake, dinner, and a movie..in that order.. and we were accompanied by a friend who barely has time in her schedule to breathe let alone spend the night seeing a movie with us, even if it was Despicable Me in 3D.  I truly felt loved, and I didn’t mind turning 27 one bit.  I won’t mind 28 either if it’s this exciting!

Go now…eat your leftover birthday cake with pride!