I haven’t mentioned this before, but I have been out of work for a little over a month now due to an injury to my right knee.  This gives me a lot more time on my hands than usual.  Today I got a little too type-A and organized the wash on the line by type and owner.  It wasn’t until I brought them down that I realized what housewench genius this really was!

The extra time it took me to sort through the basket as I hung the clothes was minimal compared to the time I saved folding them all later.  As I took each piece down I folded it and set it in a second basket.  As I went down the line I finished each pile, and when I was done I had neat stacks for each person ready to be put away.  No sorting or refolding of any kind was necessary, and by the time I headed inside I was done with the part of doing laundry I hate the most.  While it probably didn’t take much less time, I got to enjoy the sunshine and break up the monotony by hanging up my second load.

So there you have it..my useful tip of the day.