I was taken aback today when Hubby told me he thinks the internet and social media has killed the gesture of writing love letters.  Granted, he is not much of a sentimental guy unless the mood strikes him, so to him it doesn’t make any sense to write me something he can’t just tell me the next time he sees me or talks to me on the phone.  He doesn’t email, doesn’t Facebook, and doesn’t text unless there’s a pressing issue with a gun to his head, and he has only written me a handful of cards and letters.  So, he’s not a words guy.  He makes up for it.

Maybe this brings to memory the post where I lamented the disappearance of the printed word, but is written word also endangered?  Will our grandchildren have to hear recounts of text messages and Facebook wall posts?  Have men forgotten that women like cards and cutesy notes?  Do we still like cards and cutesy notes?

Perhaps I’m a sentimentalist and love letters have run their course, but I enjoy finding little words scribbled on paper and tucked away for me to find.  Ok, so I am a  bit sentimental, but what’s wrong with that?  Why is it unacceptable to be a hopeless romantic these days, and why should social media and the global community change us?  I’m all for a cutesy YouTube video or an iPod list (They’re the new mix tape, ya know), but give me something I can hold when my Android battery dies.  Give me something to cry on that won’t short out if I do so.  Give me something to stick in a shoebox in the attic so our grandchildren can read them at our 50th anniversary.  Adversely, give me something to burn if we don’t work out and I need emotional release.  I can’t keep replacing iPods like this.