I was going to write this year’s Ostara piece on spring cleaning, as it has been in the forefront of both my mundane and magickal lives on an almost constant basis.  Then our coven met for ritual, and it managed to throw that thought process into a tailspin that changed the scenery of that forefront quite a bit.

This year Ostara was all about balance and equalization, internal and external harmony.  As I reflected quietly on where I needed a little more equilibrium in my life, the term “help not hinder” came to mind.  It is here that I see a fork in my path, and I must make a choice.

Quite often we focus on the obstacles not the opportunities, and in trying to clear them away we lose sight of new doors opening to us.  I have fallen into a magickal rut centered around clearing away instead of manifestation, and I have resorted to merely chasing my tail in an empty space.  This is where I need my balance.

I’ve always been a purger, the time has come to claim my power of manifestation and intuition when it comes to new paths and clearings.  It’s time to unlock and throw open the windows of opportunity and breathe the fresh air they provide.  It’s time to seize what will not wait for me to notice it.  I cannot stop removing the detritus from my life, but that task alone cannot be allowed to consume me or I will be nothing but empty and stagnant.

Ostara reminds me that this is a time for new growth and rejuvenation.  I will not be able to appreciate the spring in my soul while keeping myself holed up in this dusty old perspective and stale routine.  It’s time to feel the sunshine, and my goddess it feels good to be outside.