I’ve been doing an awful lot of serious topics lately, so tonight I decided to do something festive and fun!  If you’re like the boyfriend, you wait for the last minute to buy gifts, and if you’re still trying to that perfect gift for your poly friends, here are some functional as well as a few non-functional ideas.

A BJ’s Membership: We go through a lot of…well, everything.  Stores like BJ’s, Costco, and Sam’s Club were made for the poly household.

Thing 1 and Thing 2 T-shirts: One for each partner!

Utensil Sets: I don’t know where our forks and spoons go…maybe the kids have started eating those, too.

Hula Hoops: Three kids.  One hula hoop.  Watch the hilarity ensue…for hours.

His and Hers Towel Sets…in bulk:  His and hers and hers and hers and his and his…..you get the idea.

Storage…of any kind: We like leftovers.  We really like leftovers, because cooking 3 meals a day for that many people takes forever.  We have lunches to pack, and there are never enough places to put the freshly cut veggies or newly shredded cheese I want to use later.  In addition, we have boxes of orphaned crayons and art supplies, books, socks, camping gear, and outdoor equipment that would run the place if we weren’t obsessively organized.  Believe me, it’s happened.  My OCD won’t have it!  We love bins, totes, and those neat canvas drawers.  If you’re not sure, The Container Store sells gift cards.

Picture frames:  Have you met my girlfriend?

The Trojan Variety Pack:  Just sayin’.

Band-Aids…first aid kits in general: Boys will be boys, and girls will continue to beat them up.  Bumps, scrapes, burns, cuts, and all sorts of freak injuries happen in our family.  Maybe we’re more accident prone than most households, or maybe it is some odd side effect of being poly.  Our kids love the fun Band-Aids with everything from Angry Birds to Shrek on them.

P-touch labeler:  Never have to hear anyone fight about whose anything is again!

Pasta boat: Good for singles, good for families. You can prepare tons of pasta quickly in a pasta boat. Pasta boat. http://www.pastaboat.com

Family passes to the zoo (or local waterpark as the boyfriend suggested):  Usually these come with multiple passes, and you don’t actually have to be related to be on a family pass.  Way to go, Dorney Park, for being alternative family friendly!

Toiletry kits: For all the non-live ins!

Netflix: Whether it’s obscure foreign films, 80’s cartoons, or Troll Hunter, there’s something for everyone.  Hopefully they have enough computers or TV’s to stream them on…or you may also need to provide dice, duct tape, and more Band-Aids.

Magnetic Poetry:  You’ll be surprised what your partners…and kids…will make your fridge door say to the world.  Or, maybe you won’t.

Pillow pets:  Because sometimes you just need a puppy pile on the floor.

Giant mixing bowls:  If you cook like Hubby you cook for a small army, and our family happens to eat like a small army.  These bowls are lifesavers…I’m talking stick-your-head-in-em sized bowls.  As it has been pointed out, they also make excellent helmets, drums, and baby doll beds.

Finally, I hate to admit it, but…

Those giant cans full of popcorn: My family can’t keep their hands out of these things!  Just don’t let your 3 year old shake the can.  Then it’s a surprising collage of flavours every time.

There you have it, friends, everything you need to shop for the polys in your life.  Happy Holidays, and happy hunting!  You’ve got 10 days!


Go now, be merry.