Last night I had a dream I got a tattoo.  At first it seemed odd.  It wasn’t the next tattoo I plan on getting, but it was in that spot on my body.  I don’t particularly remember getting it done, but there it was, fresh and…sparkly?  Don’t judge me.  I’ve been stressed.  In any case, I had gone to bed asking for some signs of what to expect in the coming year.  As it just so happens I got my answer in ways only my head can understand.

This past year has been like getting a tattoo.  It has had moments of pain, moments of euphoria, and moments where I’ve just needed a moment to compose myself.  This year, like no recent year I can remember, has changed me for the rest of my life.  The ups and downs, all of them have changed who I am and how I run my life.  They have changed our family and our plans for the future.  They have changed my marriage and deepened the bond Hubby and I share.  They have forced us to look at our lives and re-evaluate who and what we value and work to keep.  We have gained and redirected focus, and we have solidified our game plan.  This year will remain etched into every move and decision we make in the coming years.

This year we added to our family, finally had a wedding, and found out there will be a new baby.  We chose to no longer try to nurture friendships that had long since been dead, and worked to reaffirm those that make a difference in our lives.  We’ve had periods of amazing togetherness, and a time of separation.  We had health scares and great improvements.  We learned a lot about ourselves and our community and have taken the steps that are best for us.  All of it has shaped who we are as we count down another year and look towards new beginnings.

Next year will be a year of productivity and plans coming to fruition.  Maybe not exactly as we envision them, but roughly so.  Hopefully not purple and sparkly…did I mention the purple?..but in my dream I was overjoyed by my new tattoo.  I have complete faith that next year will bring wonderful things, and they will spring from the designs on 2011.  2012 will be the year for motion and progress, but 2011 will always remain the year that prepared us for that motion and marked the map for that progress.

Thank you, 2011, for the permanent imprint you’ve made on my heart, my soul, and my life.


Go now, make things happen!