Today I had a fantastic Valentine’s Day adventure with my boyfriend, Matt.  It started with a scavenger hunt through the Philadelphia Museum of Art and focused on nudes.  When we got there we were given a sheet of clues and an answer sheet and sent on our way, slipping in and out of galleries like Indiana Jones on a quest!  We had two hours to answer 30 witty questions, and the timing was pretty much perfect.  At the end of those two hours we reconvened, our answers were scored, and the winners were announced.  We got 25 correct answers!  Not bad for our first hunt, eh?

My overall impression was fantastic!  The questions were challenging, but most of them were clear and not impossible to answer.  We learned a lot of new facts about artwork we’ve seen dozens of times, noticed a few we hadn’t before, and really took the time to look at the details of the museum itself.  A few of the directions were a little vague, but we only got lost once.  Most of the time the prompts were easy to follow and the description of what we were using to verify the correct location were spot on and quite amusing.  The hunt was an excellent workout, but also very well laid out, so we weren’t too exhausted to finish, nor did we waste time traversing the building.

Upon review of their website, I am highly impressed with Watson Adventures.  Teaming up in groups of two to six makes it an excellent date or poly family outing, and while the nude hunt was adult only they have several designed for kids and families.  They have hunts at the zoo, historic locations, and other museums as well, so your family can pick one that suits your interests.  While the point of the hunts are to answer questions, they also give you the Reader’s Digest tour of the venue and provide a little education at the same time, and the two-hour duration was perfect for my weak bladder, and would be just enough time for a child’s attention span or an afternoon date.  The organizers make it fun and exciting, and it really does serve as a team building and mind flexing exercise. They also do a great job of having everyone start on a question that puts that team in a location different from any other team to avoid a mob taking over the venue.

A few quick facts about Watson Adventures, found on their website (here).

  • They have existed since 1999, and I don’t know why or how I haven’t known about them until now!
  • They are in eight cities all across the nation, including my favourites, Chicago and San Francisco.
  • They will do private hunts, including birthday parties, corporate events, bachelorette hunts (again, why did I NOT know this?), and more.

Whether it was the hunt, love, or the simple fact that we’re both pretty serious geeks, Matt and I had a blast and are planning to do more of these scavenger hunts.  If the rest of the family can behave, we might take them with us.

Go now, find some clues!