“Age is nothing but a state of mind,” Zoltar told me as he challenged me to release my inner child.  Lately I’ve been feeling old and tired, like I’ve missed out on a lot of important opportunities in my life.  I’ve felt expired and worn.  Something inside me felt like Zoltar might have hit the nail on the head, and honestly I’ve paid a lot more than a dollar for worse advice, so why not take it to heart for at least one day.

After an extremely early morning shift at work I had debated whether to nap all day or get out and enjoy the beautiful weather.  I decided the beach was calling my name, so I took the N train from end to end and found myself first at the New York Aquarium then on the Coney Island boardwalk.

I’ve written before about my connection to the ocean, and the more I walked the more the cool breeze, the warm sun, and the energies of the ocean began to both calm and uplift me.  That’s when I found myself in front of Zoltar, and he gave me the missing answer.  I was serene and content, but serene and content was not what I needed.  I needed to have some fun, so I took Zoltar up on his challenge.

All day I took pictures and played in the sprinklers on the beach.  I got in a photobooth and rode a swinging car on the Wonder Wheel.  I rummaged the flea market and took in the freak show.  I let the breeze carry me through the day, and I did whatever made me happy.  I indulged my inner child, and I beamed from ear to ear even as the long day caught up with me and I dozed on the long train back to Astoria.

Today taught me a few important lessons.  Too often my focus is the kids or Hubby having fun or keeping track of what I want or have to get done.  I can’t remember the last time I did what I wanted without wondering if someone else was having a good time.  Today was  good reminder that sometimes I need to stop thinking and simply do what makes me smile.  I also tend to focus my rare free time on reading, museums, art, and classes, and I am ashamed to admit that my inner child has not been allowed a lot of time on her own.  Sure she comes out when we’re out with the kids, but a lot of my energy even then is geared towards my responsibilities as Mom or Wife.

Today was the day for dropping all that focus and letting  myself only be responsible for me and my whimsy.  This doesn’t mean I don’t enjoy my time with my family and my partners, but I had almost forgotten how much I enjoy spending some quality time bonding with my inner child.  Just the two of us.

Thank you, Zoltar.  Dollar well spent.


Go now, let your inner child run free!