Wicked (musical)

I apologize if this post gets a little rambly…it’s going to be written off the cuff and still in a bit of a whirlwind from my day.

Today I was able to cross an item off my proverbial “Bucket List”.  There are things on it that may very well be unattainable, but they remain in the back of my mind because I never rule anything out.  The higher my aspirations the stronger my motivation.

In any case, this one may be small compared to most, but it has been a goal for many years.  Today I finally got to see Wicked on Broadway.  I read and loved the book in high school, and when I heard it was being made into a musical it became a goal to see it.  I bought the soundtrack when it was released, and the songs seemed to speak to me in very strong ways.  Since then I have tried almost every year, and it just never worked out.

Today I decided I had to try.  I went for the lottery where a certain number of people could buy front row seats for $26, but I did not get picked.  Close to tears, I managed to hold out long enough to buy a ticket at the box office for a fairly reasonable price.  I had assumed I wouldn’t be able to afford it, and I still felt guilty spending what I did, but Hubby told me to go for it.  I think maybe he’s just tired of hearing about it, but he was so supportive and understanding that I decided to take the opportunity.

I was by myself, but as I took my seat it didn’t matter.  I was in love the entire show.  I have garnered so much strength and peace from the songs on the soundtrack that being at the show not only transported me but brought all the emotions and life-lessons I’ve been carrying to the surface.  I admit it, friends, I cried like a baby.

The songs have empowered me through struggle and brought me calm contentment in times of letting go.  The story I knew from the book reminded me of the importance of perspective and gave me confidence that what some might see as flaws can be a tremendous boon.  It also reminded me of the possibility for every person I meet to change my life in some way no matter what my first impression is or how long they exist in my life.  Knowing the details of the musical, a lot of it makes even more sense than it did before.

I left the theater feeling changed, like my day could go anywhere.  Unfortunately, anywhere meant a thunderstorm in a white shirt, so I spent some time with my inner child at the Toys R Us in Times Square and the American Girl store spending time with 6 year-old me, as the dolls I had as a child were my best friends for a long time.  It was a perfect follow-up to the show.  As little as I get to indulge my inner child, I get to indulge my inner little girl even less.  As a little girl I wanted to be a dancer, a singer, a performer.  I spent my entire childhood and on through high school in dance classes and performance theater, and I loved it.  Today let me remember how it felt to be that girl again.

Today was a day of flood gates.  It was amazing.  It was refreshing.  I was unprepared, but it was just what I needed.  Isn’t that what “Bucket List” experiences are for?