Praying mantis

One night, not long ago, I was walking home from work and was suddenly stopped in my tracks by a praying mantis on the hood of a parked car.  While a praying mantis will always catch my attention, not many will cause me to stop for more than a moment when I’m exhausted, late, and in desperate need of a bathroom.  This one did, and the energy emanating from it was indescribable.  I felt simultaneously energized and at peace.  I felt like there was both a message and an answer being delivered, but I didn’t yet know what it could be.  I had to eventually tear myself away from the mantis, make a mental note to meditate on it, and continue my journey, but the feeling that moment gave me is still resonating within.

The praying mantis has always held very strong symbolism with a splash of mystery.  Its stance and abject stillness coupled with the beauty and sacrifice in its mating behaviours have made the mantis a messenger of mindfulness.  There are certain cultures that also believe the mantis to be “the eye of god” or a reminder of the presence of deity.

This mantis said so many things to me in the short time we were locked in space together.  We have already discussed, friends, that I am not a patient person.  My life is often hectic, crowded, and chaotic, and I have fought hard for the little peace and calm I can find at a point in my life where things are in constant flux.  I have had doubts, questions, and frustration surrounding our current situation in regards mostly to finances and family, and almost every night it seemed my meditations asked for guidance.  What should I do?  Will this improve?  How can I do better?

What the mantis said to me was to be still and listen.  Deity hasheard me, and I have not been ignored.  I need to hold on to that faith and keep in mind that even in standing still I am thriving.  I need to be

mindful in all decisions and actions, and I need to be patient with life and with myself.  I have been acknowledged, now I just need to be patient and let life happen on its own schedule, not mine.  This doesn’t mean I stop trying, it means I do so with a sense of calm confidence that I am not lost.

Incidentally, there is an old French belief that a praying mantis will always point a lost traveler towards home, and this mantis was, in fact, pointing the direction of home.  I have to believe that I am on the right track, that we are moving in a positive direction towards the goals for our household, and that if I am patient and still I will continue to find the guidance I need.


Go now…be still.