field crops    (DSC01374)

When you plant a seed you have an idea of what it will grow into.  You hold that picture in your mind as you watch the seed sprout and move through all the crucial stages of development, until one day it is right there in front of you in full bloom.  Sometimes the end result is exactly what you expected.  Sometimes you get something completely different, and you can choose to either appreciate it for what it is or feel disappointed. Either way you have invested time, energy, and patience to watch your seed grow.

That’s what it takes to be the farmer, but what does it take to be the seed?  What does it take to possibly have no idea what you will become or how long it will take?  What does it take to have faith that you will grow into a boon not a burden and trust the one or ones tending to you to know what you need and keep you safe and healthy?  What does it take to truly know that all the stages of your growth are important and that the end result is exactly where and what you should be?  What does it take to be confident in your knowledge of how to grow and be strong, when to push that growth, and when to let nature take its course?

At Mabon we celebrate the harvest as we reap the rewards of patient tending and take a lesson from the patience and dedication it took to sustain that which will sustain us through the cold season.  This year my message has been a hard and heavy one about no longer looking at myself as the farmer and instead accepting my place as the seed.  Where I would generally shape I must let myself be shaped.  Where I would guide I must let myself be lead.  This doesn’t mean I stop trying, it simply means I try differently.  Patience, intuition, and introspection.  Only then can I grow into something that will sustain and reach its full potential.  Only then can I nourish the world.