It’s Thanksgiving, and the internet is abuzz with post of blessings and thanks for everything we have.  It’s heartwarming to see, especially in a time when things are not well for everyone.  In fact, things are not well for a lot of people.  Many continue to struggle, and many have lost quite a bit to that struggle, our family included, but we continue to be thankful and to try to keep our perspective in the right direction. 
     Today I saw a man yell at a McDonald’s worker for giving him the wrong kind of cookies, telling her “You screwed up, so my meal should be free!”   Perspective.  You’re a man who can afford a meal at McDonald’s.  Not only that, you can afford air fare and time off work.  You’re alive today, dressed warm, and at least healthy enough to be yelling at some poor girl, who is not with her family on Thanksgiving, in front of your two well dressed, warm, fed children who are both carrying tablets of some kind.  Hubby has said to me more than once, “It’s not about getting what makes us happy, it’s about being happy with what we have,” and I have agreed with him.  As long as our basic needs are met we continue to thrive.  Would I like a new computer?  Of course I would.  Would it make my life easier?  Of course it would.  Do I need it to be happy?  No, not really.
     This Thanksgiving I reflect on the last year.  I think about the people who have come into it, and the people who have left it.  I think about the changes we’ve made and the opportunities we’ve had.  I think about things I’ve accomplished and lessons I’ve learned.  My life is full of love, even when I am struggling.  My life is full of laughter, even if there are times of anger and sadness.  My life is full of chances.  Chances to move forward.  Chances to grown.  Chances to take chances.  I took some big chances this year, and some of them landed me flat on my face, but others have flourished.
     We may continue to fight and crawl, but we have the chance to survive and stand up again.  This is more than many can say, and I am thankful for each and every one of the chances I am given.