We’ve all been there.  One of us gets the idea that Date Night is a good idea.  Don’t get me wrong, it’s a great idea when you’ve reached a point where all your time spent as a couple is spent cleaning or running errands.  The caveat is that once you plan a date night you need to find something to fill that time, especially in the winter when temperatures make it hard to keep a smile  that isn’t just frozen on your face when outdoors.  Luckily you’ve got a voice of experience to give you a few favourites in my book..

The family that glows together.  I happen to love mini golf, but golfing in 20 degree weather can be a bit much, and until recently there were no local places to play indoors. The ones that have popped up are just as fun and challenging as any outdoor courses I’ve played, and they’re usually some form of blacklight glow golf!  If you’re in Florida you get the added benefit of lizards.  The last time we were in Kissimmee it turned into a side game to score lizard avoidance because they would sit on the course or run across it as our balls were in motion.  Fun!

Drive Each Other Crazy!  If you’re blessed enough to live somewhere warm enough to be outdoors, like the Fun Spot  in Orlando, find a go-kart track and go!  Drive doubles or singles, and take a romantic ride on the Ferris Wheel.  Just make sure you go in the photo booth before the ride in the bumper boats with water cannons on them. Or don’t, and make it sexy!

Life’s a Picnic.  Pack your favourite lunch or desserts and head out for a relaxing picnic.  Again, if you’re lucky enough to live in a warm climate, go to the park or beach.  If not, maybe wander through a museum, aquarium, or indoor farmer’s market.  Don’t try to picnic in the snow unless it’s a hot chocolate picnic.

Take a Scavenger Hunt!  Have you guys heard of Watson Adventures?   You should have.  I’ve written about them before.  They’re awesome!  With hunts themed for adults and children of varied interests, you can wander through art and science museums, farmer’s markets, historic neighborhoods, and zoos.  Make your family a team, or split up and see who gets the most answers!

Be a Bunch of Tourists.  Head to a local brewery, historic site, or factory and take a tour.  I am constantly amazed by the places around us that I have never heard of.  This year we made a list of “to do” ideas for those restless weekends when we just want to be out of the house.  It also gives you a good reason to get some pictures as a family without feeling silly.  Go ahead!  Be silly, and learn something while you do it!

Be a bunch of kids!  Head to a local bowling alley, Family Fun Center, or Dave and Busters with pockets full of quarters and let loose!  There is a barn not far from our house that has been converted into an arcade. The best part?  Once you pay to get in the games are unlimited!  There’s another place in a really cute village of restaurants and antique stores with vintage arcade games, much like the Musée Méchanique on Fisherman’s Wharf in San Francisco, which means there’s something for the history nerd, the antique shopper, the foodie, and the gamer all in one trip!

A few tips.  

You are not a weather man, and sometimes it’s just not worth heading out in the elements no matter how much you need the time, so have a contingency plan.  Stay in and have a slumber party.  Make hot cocoa, ice cream sundaes, cookies, or a bunch of new Pinterest recipes.  Do each other’s nails and hair, men too!  Have something in mind in case you can’t or just don’t feel like leaving the house.

If you’re playing some kind of game, never hesitate to make a wager.  There is nothing wrong with a little competition, especially if there’s something in it to sweeten the pot.  It can give you something more adult to look forward to if there are kids with you at the time, and it can give you leverage to bargain with later.  Have a few already in mind so you’re not put on the spot when it comes up, because it will.

Never be afraid to be creative and just go with it.  It’s good to have a plan, but remember that plans can always change, and sometimes we each have a different idea of how an activity is going to go or what we should be doing.  Keep it simple.  Be flexible and open-minded, and just enjoy the ride. The important part is that you’re all together.  Date night is about the time together, not the itinerary.

I hope that helped!  Now go make plans!  Take an umbrella, and wear sensible shoes.


Go now, have fun!