Hugs or Kisses?

Even when I’m not home it is extremely important to me to say goodnight to those I love.  Unfortunately it doesn’t always seem as important to Hubby, but he’s making an effort to be more consistent, and I love him for taking the time from what he’s doing to do so.

Why the importance?  

Words hold intent and meaning.  Just as any well wish or curse affects the person it’s delivered to, a goodnight sets a vibration in motion.

With both of my parents saying goodnight was a ritual, each one being completely unique.  Even at 30 years old, when I’m visiting my father I still make a point to kiss him and my grandparents goodnight before I go to bed.  It’s a very smooth and natural end to a day, no matter how stressful or chaotic, to know one is loved.

A much more deep psychological association?  My mother passed away in the middle of the night.  She wasn’t asleep, but my last goodbye to her was casual and rushed before hanging up the phone.  I’m not trying to be morbid.  I never expect Hubby, another partner, or myself to die in our sleep, but somehow there seems to be a little more awareness in a goodnight, even if it’s followed by fighting for the covers and nudging a snoring Hubby to his other side so he stops shoving his elbows in my face.

 Try it.  If it’s not in your usual nightly routine to take a moment to focus on your partner, whether next to you or far away, and say some form of “I love you. Goodnight”, try it for a week.  Feel the difference. It’s a wonderful way to dream.