Twelve years ago I left California and began a journey that I envisioned going much differently than it has.  It was a week after the 9-11 attacks on the World Trade Center, and the whole country was in a climate of confusion and loss.  SFO was a ghost town, and I questioned everything as I stepped out of the taxi and into my new life. I was alone in an unfamiliar city, and I was unsure how to navigate my new life.  Still, I did what I do best and I adapted.  At times I even thrived.

My college career lasted 6 months, due to some very personal setbacks.  I stuck it out in Philly and have fought tooth and nail to survive despite job loss, health care lapses, financial struggles, and sickness.  In that time I’ve also had the opportunity to travel, I’ve taught at the zoo, I’ve met my husband, and we’ve expanded our poly family.  I still have some of the close friends I made in that first year, and I have been able to gather a tribe of amazing people around me.

My time at Drexel was short, but the decision to move 3000 miles away changed my life’s direction.  Had I gone to a local college or returned to California when I left school I may have had a completely different life to this point.  The decisions I’ve made since then have been tough.  While some have set my path in dangerous and dark directions, all of my twists and turns have made me who I am today.  I may not have the  career or lifestyle I had envisioned as a hopeful teenager, but I have a wonderful, loving family.  I’m still writing, still shooting, and still creating.  I’m moving forward and adding destinations I never imagined could exist twelve years ago.

I never intended to be in Pennsylvania this long, and maybe someday we’ll relocate, but I am still confident that I am where I need to be.  I am still confident I am who I need to be.