Yesterday I heard of the passing of a girl with whom I went to high school.  Reading through the posts and comments on Facebook, it seems many of us had the same conclusion, that whether or not we had been close to her, in school or in the years since graduation, she was a shining soul who would be missed.

I went to an all-girls Catholic High School in the Oakland Hills.  Our class topped out at 70 girls, and in what I would learn was unique even among the other small Catholic schools in the area, we were a family of sorts.  While we may not have all socialized or had the same interests and goals, when it really mattered we rallied together, be it a staff member with an illness or a fellow student going through tough times.  Even in the years since graduation I have been touched by a quick message from someone I only spoke to a handful of times in school. 

This experience is probably what held me together through my teenage years.  As I felt my world change in extremely violent and frightening ways and watched life pull away from me en masse I cannot think of one woman I graduated with who didn’t reach out to me at least once even if we had less than a handful in common between us.  It was this genuine care and strength as a unit that had led me through my adult life as I strive to help others in any way I can whether they’re strangers or close friends. 

I have yet to make it to a reunion, and I don’t visit with old classmates often, even ones who live only a few miles from me now, but the fact that we have all come together over the past couple days to send our love and light to Erin’s family is just one example of the spirit of Holy Names, a spirit we were all imbued with and encouraged to carry with us always. 

Nobless Oblige, ladies. 

Peaceful crossing, Erin.