If you haven’t noticed by all the pink and red hearts that took over the day after Christmas, Valentine’s Day is nigh.  My pick this year for something new to try, as a couple or as a group, is the Grim Philly Valentine’s Day tour.  If you’re in the area, you should look into it.  I think it’ll be on par with my Watson Adventures experience a couple of years ago, which I will continue to endorse and patronize, as I have never had a bad experience with them.

This year I’ve decided to embark on a new experiment.  In the wake of ending, transitioning, and belly flopping relationships, both mine and others around me, I’m taking on a challenge to share some of the most interesting and soul revealing stories of the past.  It’s not a secret that I’m a lover, and no matter how high my walls get there will always be those who find ways to climb, dig, or parachute their ways inside.  Admittedly, I am not a very good gatekeeper.  In any case, there have been a lot of laughs and a lot of lessons about life, love, and myself that have come from each of the people who have found a place in my heart.  I’ve shared a few, but rather than the usual nostalgia that comes with looking back, I’m going to take a deeper look into some of the most ill-advised and course changing relationships I’ve ever had.  Maybe I’ll even find some new gem of wisdom.

So here’s to an amusing first half of February.