There’s a point where you make a decision.  There’s a point where the only thing left to do is move forward and act on that decision.  There’s a point where you know it’s not quite the time yet, and all you can do is stand there like a horse at a starting gate.  This, friends, is where I find myself today.  I’ve been through all the doubts and fears.  I’ve been through all the options and best courses of action.  I’ve deliberated and debated, and the only thing there is to do now is throw it all out there and let life sort it out trusting in the guidance I’ve been given.  All I can do, however, is wait.

Patience, as I’ve mentioned before, is not really a virtue I possess, but right this moment I am my own lesson.  If I jump the gun I lose before I even have a chance.  If I wait too long I lose by the nature of the race.  If I trust the strategy of the game I have a chance, but that requires me to be still.  Patience is not merely waiting; it’s listening and paying attention to the cues and behaviour of the environment around me.  It means being quiet.  It means being focused.  It means freezing everything else around me and being…patient.


Go now, smirk at the visual pun.