My last post, quite aptly the one about patience, was my 200th post for Pearls and Pentagrams.  Wow, has life changed since the very first.    It was 2009.  My health was in shambles, and my goal was strengthening my body.  Through the years I have met and exceeded everybody’s expectations where it comes to my health and life in general.  I have ignored everyone who told me to give up, to go on disability, and to forsake the life I have already wanted.  Since that first post I have gone through transitions I never thought I’d pull through and made changes I never thought possible.  I’ve healed wounds from my past, I’ve acquired some new scars, and I continue to grow and change.  It seems only fitting that 201 would come in a season full of game changers.  It also seems fitting that today I encountered the Star Trek TNG episode “11001001”, which if you don’t know is 201 in binary , which wraps up with the comment “some relationships just can’t work”   (An interesting tidbit about the number’s binary sequence with a period added after the second digit is an approximation of Pi, which is also an important number in my life.)

So now that I’ve gone off on that tangent about numbers and such, what does it all mean.  I won’t go over the whole episode or what’s happening in my life currently, but what it boils down to is that sometimes how life looks and acts changes in one moment of clarity.  The last five years have made me a completely different person, and it has changed the basic makeup of my life.  I’ve tried my best to make it stay certain ways, and I’ve tried my best to change it in certain ways, but I cannot change fundamental programming.

This is where I ask you all for patience.  Look for huge shifts coming down the line friends.  Not all of them are positive, but all of them are for the best, even if I don’t know what that end result looks like yet.  I went through some of this last year, and I found excuses why it wasn’t right.  It wasn’t.  But now is.  Life, friends, cannot always be calculated, nor can we hold on to parts of it we wished would hang on forever if they’re just not there anymore.

I can’t tell you how the blog will change.  I can’t tell you how I will change.  I can only promise this is how growth happens.


Go now…look back over 5 years.  How have you changed?