What does Power mean to you?

What would happen if you let yourself feel Powerful?

How can your Power be used to change the world?

Hi, I’m Jennifer Clifford, and my Power is Art.

 In April I embarked on a journey called the Power of One: a small group of artists developing a series of one person shows. We will present these shows in New York City in December.  My first campaign funded that first step, and it’s been life changing.  I had no idea then that I would be taking a much deeper journey within myself.

For much of my life I felt powerless.  Diabetes, fibromyalgia, self esteem and body issues made me hate my body.  Depression, loss, sexual abuse, and a constant struggle to stay afloat made me feel helpless.  Art, music, photography, and poetry helped me express the power I felt I’d lost, but it was the day I stepped in front of the camera for the very first time that I saw the Power I had held all along.

Acknowledging that Power has changed my life. I feel like myself for the first time, and I love who I am.  I was able to pursue a career I love and take my art to places I never dreamed possible. I have stepped out of my comfort zone and I amno longer just surviving my life, I’m thriving in it.  I have taken risks, and I have achieved greatness, all because I believe I can; all because I know my Power.

My story is all too common.  Little girls become women made to feel worthless for their body types and life experiences.  Little boys become men who believe they’re weak for showing emotion or sensitivity.  It’s tragic that we all have this immense Power within us, yet we’re conditioned to believe we need something from the world.

The Next Step: My new goal over the next several months is to capture and collect images of Power.  However it’s manifested.  However it’s expressed.  I want to show the world how much Power it holds, and how beautifully diverse that Power can be. I want to show everyone….young, old, women, men, everywhere in between…thatwe are all Powerful.  I want to inspire people to embrace their Power and let themselves shine!  At the end of this journey there will be a book, a lot of writing writing, and a show in New York City fueled by the Power of Many in the Power of One.

I want all of this to show what one person who knows her Power can do, because imagine then what a whole community of people with that knowledge can do.  Imagine how we can change the world from within.

Won’t you join this journey with me?

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